Mattress Care Guide: How can I keep my Ely Mattress in good condition?

So you’ve made the choice to ditch the old mattress and bought an Ely mattress, instead. Amazing choice. You’ll get guaranteed comfortability and you no doubt expect that to last a really long time. And it should. Ely mattresses come with a ten year warranty.

Average mattresses should last five to ten years, so we’re expecting your Ely mattress to last a really long time.

But you can’t expect it to last that long if you’re not willing to take care of it. Being aware of the environmental factors that potentially damage your mattress is really important, because these can significantly reduce its lifespan.

Keeping your mattress clean and healthy means it will stay feeling and looking fresh. We’d love to help you do this.

We’ve put together this brief mattress care guide to help you protect your new investment. It looks at everything, from cleaning your mattress to preventing potential disasters.

If you take care of your Ely mattress, your Ely mattress will take care of you.

Let your mattress breath

Ely mattresses are already breathable, because they’re made from wool, horse hair and cotton, all of which breathe. But it is important you give your Ely mattress some proper breathing space.

Strip it back and leave it to air for fifteen to twenty minutes. This will allow the mattress to wick away any moisture and evaporate.

Bouncing ban

This might sound obvious, but don’t let anyone bounce on your bed. That means no children and no pets. Over time, bouncing on your mattress will impact the support element.

You should also avoid sitting on the side of it if you can. There isn’t as much support on the sides as there is in the centre, and so sitting on the side too much can break down the structure and make the sides weaker.

Flip frequently

Turn your mattress over regularly to spread out the pressure points and make your mattress last longer. You can also rotate it to avoid creating dipped points where you put most of your weight.

You should rotate your mattress on a weekly basis, then flip it once every three to four months. This will help the fillings settle more evenly.

Keep it clean

Over time, your mattress will see all kinds of nasties, including dead skin and sweat. Although your Ely mattress can wick away moisture because of its natural materials, we highly recommend you set aside time to clean your mattress.

Vacuum the base to help remove dust build up. This will help keep it looking and feeling fresh, and prevent allergy symptoms that come with dust mites and microbes.

There are many different ways to clean your mattress depending on the type you have. We recommend a good clean every six months. This level of routine will keep your mattress clean.

For more information on how to clean your mattress and some further guidance on how to get rid of unwanted stains, please check out our guide on how to clean your mattress.

Purchase a mattress protector

Purchasing a mattress protector is a great way to give your mattress the safeguard it deserves. Mattress protectors help keep your mattress in its best condition by taking the brunt of the action and protecting your mattress from stains and fluids.

They’re relatively cheap and easy to wash, which makes getting rid of stains easier.

If you’re looking for great protection, look no further than Ely’s own Guardsman. This topper offers a reversible soft microfibre fleece with 100% cotton filling. It is 100% waterproof and prevents any kind of nasties reaching the mattress, such as dust mites, mold, mildew, bacteria and fungus.

Final thoughts

If you want a mattress to last a long time and maintain its condition, it’s a good idea to invest in a decent one. We’re so glad you chose the Ely mattress, which is made from all natural materials – including wool, horse hair and cotton – because you’re already over halfway to a long-lasting mattress that keeps its condition.

Made from thirteen layers of high quality material, our mattress is comfortable and breathable. It comes with a thirty day sleep trial and a ten year warranty.

If you’re investing your time into keeping your mattress looking and feeling new, we’re always here to help. You can contact Ely for any advice and support by emailing

For more mattress and sleep related news and information, read our blog. There, we cover all manner of topics, including handy guides to help you improve your sleep life.

If you’re yet to buy, you can browse our products on our website. If you want more information about the thirteen layers that make up our unique mattress, visit our dedicated page



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