The Ely Mattress is a Non-Toxic Mattress Made Using 13 Layers

The renowned non-toxic mattress made from locally sourced ingredients – we bring you not just another mattress-in-a-box brand.
Experience the support that our 5000 five zoned springs create to bring each one of you the perfect night’s sleep.

The Finest Wool Create Our Non-Toxic Mattress

Around 1891 the Dorset Horn was imported from Australia, and shortly after the hornless Poll Dorset was created in the UK. The Dorset Horn is one of Britain’s oldest breed. The Dorset Horn’s wool is of exceptional high quality as its densely grown containing short fibres with a springy touch and is of a natural white colour. These beautiful and soft flocks are mainly located in South West England and are used for only the finest mattresses.

Cold or Hot

Wool has countless natural properties such as dissipating moisture efficiently, insulating the body and its breathable too.  These are all essential aspects in sustaining a neutral temperature when sleeping. In effect, during the colder months, the wool layers enclose warm air to keep you snug.  However, in summer you perspire more often, so the layers of wool allow the moisture to disperse.

Natural Benefits

Man-made fibres take more effort to process which means emissions are on the rise, whereas wool is the opposite. By using wool for our mattresses, we are essentially not contributing to landfill at the end of its life cycle as wool is 100% biodegradable and recyclable.

Ever Seen A Flat Sheep?

There is a reason why we don’t see sheep with flat fleeces, no matter how much they sit down. The natural fibres of wool work similar to a compact coiled spring which allows the fibres to repel pressure and maintain their shape.  Hence why we use wool as the closest layer to the body as it will not lose its shape and will provide consistent support without compromising comfort.

Baa Baa to sneezes

Wool is naturally hypoallergenic, and it has the ability to absorb certain air pollutants and at the same time clasping any dust particles. Those who suffer from allergies such as hay fever or dust, will find that it helps take the edge off when you’re asleep.


Ventilation is the key reason for using horse hair and there aren’t many natural fillings out there which can match it. Horsehair is hollow which is the perfect moisture wicking material. Horsehair is exceptional at getting rid of moisture that if you soaked horsehair and gave it a shake, it dries immediately. Feels as though it has a natural waterproof membrane.

Horsehair has been said many times that it’s like sleeping on millions of tiny individual springs. Fortunately, this is very close to the truth as the individual hairs have a natural tendency to bounce back and never flatten out.

Safety First

Fire retardant mattresses are very important because when you are asleep you would hope that your mattress has the ability to minimise the risk of burning quickly. Fortunately, wool is difficult to burn and is naturally a fire retardant due to its water and nitrogen content which ensures we don’t need to use any harmful chemicals to treat the layer.

Cotton Used For Our Non-Toxic Mattress

Up until the 1990s, Cotton was the number one filling used for mattresses. Unfortunately, since then many companies are using foam as its cheap, its ability to break down quickly, however it’s not natural at all. Cotton has three major benefits, resilience, being natural and the capability to breathe.


Cottons durability is its strength especially when inside a mattress as we spend a third of our lives in bed. We have decided to compress our cotton pads by tufting the mattress which extends the durability, making it long lasting. This in effect means that you don’t have to change your mattress every 7-8 years. We didn’t stop there. We made sure we put the same number of fillings on the other side, so you get twice the benefit!

On the flip side, manufacturers replaced their cotton for foam as it helped drive sales and increase profit margins. Unfortunately, high profitability and keeping the shareholders pockets full has become a priority for most but it’s had a negative impact on the quality of the product. Foam loses its shape and structure a lot faster than natural fibres such as cotton, therefore forcing customers to purchase a new mattress earlier than anticipated.

Optimum Benefit

If your mattress is causing you to heat up whilst you sleep, this is a major problem. It not only ruins your sleep but it can be damaging to your overall health. Conforming to your body is something foam mattresses boast about regularly, but unfortunately that’s one of the reasons your body retains heat. This causes your underlying body temperature to increase which in effect causes you to toss and turn or simply wake up due to the uncomfortable heat.

Cotton has, is and will always be a great choice to help regulate body temperature due to its breathable nature. There is a reason why cotton is widely used for clothing, bed sheets, towels etc.

“Natural fibres, such as horsehair, wool, cotton and down are best if you get hot at night. Synthetic memory foam can become hot and may not absorb moisture efficiently so look for products that combat this if it’s an issue.” UK Sleep Council

To summarise, Cotton layers certainly add value to your mattress and at the same time its life expectation. Neutralising your body temperature, keeping your allergies at bay and ultimately aiding a blissful sleep each night.

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